Contrast Creative Placemats with Simple Linen Napkins

Placemats are important when preparing your table for dinner guests. You want to protect your linen table cloth from as many spills as possible and table placemats create that needed barrier around your dinnerware to cut down on those annoying stains. If you really want your table to make a statement, find designer placemats for your table and mix them with elegant yet simple linen napkins that will create contrast and make your table setting unique and beautiful.

When selecting your placemats, consider those with interesting shapes and designs. For your linen napkins, add a decorative touch with a unique napkin ring.

If you love the look of layers, a double napkin adds great texture to your table setting.

Linens by Didriks has simple linen napkins that will look elegant and upscale on your table's creative placemats.