With beautiful weather and warm temperatures, bright colors only seem fitting. At Didriks, we offer table linens that come in an assortment of bright colors. If you peruse the Libeco Home collection, you'll find a copious amount of rich-hued linens that will serve well for outdoor dining, Sunday brunch, barbeques and any family-friend oriented dining occasion. The style of the table linens at Didriks are very versatile for any environment, and can equally blend in the modern, contemporary decor or a traditional feel.

To illustrate the brilliant-colored table linens we have, we've included a sampling of our inventory in this blog. Which is your favorite?

Libeco Home Fjord Linen Tablecloth

Libeco Home Fjord Linen Napkins

Libeco Home Tahoe Tablecloth

Polylin Collection

If you have any questions or need help, just visit us at our Cambridge location:

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Photos via belgian-linen.com