Libeco Home Flanders Napkins

Let's say you are about to purchase one of our beautiful 100% linen napkins. You may have guests over for different types of gatherings or celebrations. All of the occasions shouldn't have the same look. Each setting should have its own ambiance. That's why we've come up with five ways to decorate your napkins.

No. 1 Add Wood Are you looking to create a rustic look?  Then add a few wooden sticks on top of the napkin, and on the back, secure the wood with a knot.

No. 2 Add a Ribbon If you are wanting a soft, flirty feel tie a velvet ribbon around your napkin.

No. 3 Make it Unique Include a monogram to each napkin instead of a place card. Use thick paper to make a letter of the first name of your guests.

No. 4 Include Accessories Colorful  faux flowers or other fun accessories can infuse fun hues into your napkin setting.

No. 5 Over-sized Bows Over-sized, store-bought bows add style and glamour to your napkins and table settings.

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