Joni Webb from Cote de Texas has been compiling a list of her top design elements throughout 2010 and we think her ideas are spot on. The rooms that Joni designs are both approachable and refined. They often feature natural materials such as linen slipcovers and seagrass rugs.  Joni throws in some well edited antiques, beautiful lighting and some interesting textures to complete her rooms. Here is her latest installation to her series on Top Design Elements:

This year I have been compiling and posting a list of the Top Ten Design Elements that I think help create a beautiful room.   These elements are what makes an interior interesting, exciting – a place that when you enter it,  you have to stop and catch your breath from the sheer surprise and beauty of the room.    Of course, this is a very personal list.    All design aficionados have their own ideas of what they feel makes up a desirable and beautiful room.    Perusing photographs of rooms that I love, a certain look or style is repeated over and over.    These interiors are the ones that draw me in, time and time again:   they are more casual, livable, cozy, inviting and warm.  To date, the  Cote de Texas Top Ten List of Design Elements includes:





Light fixtures

Wall decor

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Here is Joni Webb's Houston, Texas living room:

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