Orangey napkins

If you’re hosting a formal dinner party inside your home, you’ll want your dinner table to look as stunning and impeccable as your meal tastes, which includes how your dinner napkins are folded. Courtesy of One Kings Lane, check out these steps to folding the most beautiful napkins for the next time you entertain guests inside your home.

Roll Fold •    Fold your dinner napkin into a square. •    Starting from the unadorned side, roll your napkin. Your napkin should be rolled loosely. •    Slide a napkin ring over the rolled napkin, and make sure you expose all four layers of its trim. •    When you’ve finished, place your napkin over the dinner plate horizontally. This will give your dinner place setting an unexpected, but very elegant, look.

Spade-Shaped Fold •    To create this look, you’ll want to use a napkin with a trim. Fold your dinner napkin into a square. •    Grasp and pull the corner without trim, which should be the closed corner, through the napkin ring a couple of inches. •    When you’ve finished, place the fold of your napkin over the dinner plate; it should be centered over the plate in order to achieve a sculptural spade shape.

Image courtesy of lovelihood via Flickr