We came across a beautiful blog post by Diane Dorrans Saeks of The Style Saloniste. Her enthusiasm and appreciation for the beauty of fine Belgian linen was so well articulated we just had to share it with our readers. Here is a excerpt from her post:


Belgian Linen in weights from airy tissue to substantial burlap, and in toned-down colors from pewter and fig to plum, celadon and caramel signifies a new design direction for international style.

Pure Belgian linen is the focus and art of Libeco linens, created and woven and dyed by a 150-year old company in Belgium. It is the choice of all those chic/simple designs everyone copies from Beta-Plus books.

Libeco uses traditional techniques and classic styles that give its home decor, textiles, decorative accessories, table decor, bed linens and clothing certain integrity and authority.

The plain, unpatterned linen also signifies a return to simpler textures and fabrics. Alongside unadorned linen, some multi-colored prints suddenly look frantic.

The sober and unpretentious look of Belgian linen also offers a key to the rigor and sobriety of chic Belgian décor of the last few years. It is also a design secret of Axel Vervoordt’s influential understated interiors. Belgian linen is also among the reasons for Belgium’s dramatic rise in the style stakes.

I’ve always admired the timeless style of Axel Vervoordt and the many ways he uses Belgian linens in ivory or pewter or natural undyed styles in his ultra-refined and elegant interiors.

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