As much as we love pulling out all the special holiday decorative items, we are happy  to tuck them all away come January! If you have special holiday linens make sure your take a few simple steps to insure that the linens will stay clean and fresh until next year.

  • Remove all candle wax by scratching off the dry wax then absorbing all residue with blotting paper and a warm iron.
  • Remove stains (click here for our stain removal secrets)
  • Store the linens in a cool dry place to avoid mold and mildew
  • Store on a shelf in your linen closet or a breathable container
  • Do not store in a cardboard container since this can discolor the linen over time
  • Tuck away and look forward to using them again next year!


The Greenwich Table pictured above is an original Christmas tablecloth in a warm flax color, enriched with a central large stripe in the traditional colors of red and green.