The spring season is here and many homeowners are turning to the age-old tradition of spring cleaning. While garages, closets and other storage spaces are the typical objects of this task, the kitchen can also benefit from a seasonal makeover. Libeco Home Dieppe Linen Kitchen Towel

In addition to cleaning out the pantry, the cupboards and that space under the sink, you should also take a look at changing the look of your kitchen by using replacing some of the accessories, such as the kitchen towels. This simple switch can revitalize your kitchen and give it a light and breezy new look for the next few months.

Libeco Home Parma Kitchen Towel

In particular, removing those old, faded and stained kitchen towels and replacing them with a new set of linen kitchen towels can work wonders on the space. Consider pastel colors to create a relaxed feeling or add some interest with a striped set that incorporates a variety of colors.

Linen kitchen towels are available in dozens of colors and styles to choose from that will let you express your design sensibilities, while also improving the look of the most used room in your home. For more information about the benefits of linens and to view a wide selection of linen kitchen towels, bathroom sets and bedding, visit Linens by Didriks. You will also be able to find a wealth of information about linen, its care and uses.