Our Libeco Belgian Linen Kitchen Towels are so good looking you may want to give them life outside of the kitchen. These towels are based on classic European designs so they make stylish pillows with a cozy country look. Stripes, solids and window pane checks in a variety of colors can easily be mixed and matched. Why not make a bunch of pillows and pile them on a window seat or couch?  You will be thrilled with the outcome. We've included simple directions from Martha Stewart for making these pillows. However, if you're not handy in the sewing department a seamstress can easily whip these up for you.

Added bonus - these pillow cases will wash beautifully!


Tools and Materials Tea or kitchen towel approximately 16 by 29 inches (If towel is smaller, use a narrower seam allowance; if it's larger, cut to size, and hem long ends.) Pillow, 12 by 16 inches (available at fabric and bedding stores) Iron Pins Sewing machine Point turner

How-To 1. Lay towel right side up on your work surface.

2. Fold long ends in toward the center so they overlap, creating a flat surface of 12 inches, top to bottom.

3. Press with a hot iron.

4. Pin side edges.

5. Sew both sides.

6. Turn the case right side out, and shape the corners with a point turner.

7. Press.

8. Insert pillow.


How easy is that?

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