Here we are in the midst of the holidays, and the wintry weather has arrived. You, no doubt, have spent some amount of time wrestling with the linens in the linen closet as you prepare for guests or hurriedly look for warmer bed linens before retiring in the evening.

Looking for an easy solution for organizing your linen closet? According to Kathleen Dore, author of ‘Organizing 101: Linen closets’, “It's a manageable task, plus items look great and are easier to find when they're in neat piles.” Here are a few suggestions for conquering the linen in the linen closet:

Step One: Empty the Closet

Move all of the items from the linen closet to a clean location, such as a large nearby bed. A bed provides a good height for working. Inventory your stock. Finish laundering any additional linens, and gather linens from other locations that you would like to now store in the linen closet.

Step Two: Sort and Quantify Everything

Separate everything into piles, according to its eventual resting place. The piles may be grouped according to categories such as ‘things to be kept here in this linen closet’, ‘things to be bagged and stored under a bed’, ‘things to be moved closer to where they are being used’, ‘things to be given away’, etc.. Count all of the sets of bed linen, and decide how many of each you really need. Move less frequently used items to other more out-of-the-way locations.

Step Three: Clean and Label

Wipe everything down and label shelves, containers, and baskets. Relocate all of the linen to its designated spot. You now have a clean and organized linen closet!


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