A bench can be more than just a place to sit in your home. Linen upholstered benches can be both functional and decorative. When you think about it, in every room of your home there is usually somewhere to sit. Whether it is on the sofa in the living room, the vanity bench in the bathroom or the chaise lounge in the bedroom, you should always have a convenient place to sit and rest in each room. No matter what size room you are decorating, a linen bench would be a nice piece to add to the room's interior. A linen bench can fit with practically any style interiors, and if you already have an antique bench you love, simply purchase the linen fabric you like and have it upholstered to fit in with the new interiors of your home. Linen benches are elegant, versatile and will make a comfortable seat a great decor element.

Linens by Didriks has linen fabric that would look wonderful on any furniture piece you need upholstered.