Ikats, batiks, suzanis and other "tribal"  style textiles continue to be decorator favorites.  Mix Crisp white linen sheets with these richly colored textiles and you can create a stunning bed.  This photo found on Nuevo Estilo is the perfect example of this mix.  The white linen is set off with a deep red batik fabric.  The red is also picked up throughout the room so the look while the look is bohemian it is looks pulled together. Also, adding a deeply colored throw or antique textile to your bed is a great way to transition your bed to the cooler months ahead.  Believe it or not fall is just around the corner.

Image via Nueva Estilo

Margaret Belgian linen and cotton blend is a classical, timeless collection, both due to its appearance and its finish in a linen/cotton sateen. The fabric is very soft to touch and has an exceptional sheen.