With the spring here and the summer approaching, travel season is in full bloom. Didriks wants to make your travel much more enjoyable, so we've compiled a convenient list that might help reaching your destination a little bit simpler. The Stellenbosch tote by Libeco Home

iPod: Listening to music will make the time go faster, and you'll be able to block out any noises that would normally be an inconvenience to hear.

e-Reader: Reading books has been a regular stable on the plane, but why carry all of those heavy books? Download books (or movies for that matter) into an e-reader, such as the Kindle Fire, and save your self the backache from carrying so much.

Linen Tote Bag: Carry only what you need in a sizeable tote. You should not have to keep track of many different items, increasing the chance that you will lose something. Didriks has several options made of luxurious linen, including the Libeco Home Goya ShouldersacLibeco Home Linen Stellenbosch Tote and the Libeco Home Original Sailing Tote.

Linen Shawl: Linen keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot. Therefore, to easily adjust to varying temperatures as you travel, bring a linen shawl with you, such as the Kate Linen Shawl.