Linen wear is very versatile. The fabric works well in the spring and summer because linen will keep you cool. It also will keep you toasty and warm during cooler and cold months. Libeco Home Charlie Top for Women

Linen works best when worn with other natural fibers. Silk, wool, or cotton are great examples, and you can execute this option with short-sleeve linen shirts that complement on jeans or linen pants.

Also linen scarves can dress up or dress down an outfit for a woman. And when you wear a linen scarf, and you'll find that you can go from day to night with ease.

For men, a rugged linen shirt in a beige or stone color can also work with jeans or flat-front pants, giving an Indiana-Jones look to your outfit.

A basic color rule for linen outfits is that colored linen shirts go with white, gray or beige linen pants; think the opposite if you are wearing white linen shirts. They go with colored, gray or beige linen pants.

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