Linen is one of the purest fibers natural fibers around. If you have sensitive skin, or a particular taste for high quality fabric, our guess is that you have found solace and comfort in our 100% Belgian linen collection. In order to keep linen in optimal working condition and feel, it's important to follow proper laundering instructions. That is why each item comes with full washing instructions.

If by chance, you have misplaced the instructions, not to fear! The most important rule to caring for Linens by Didriks is to use a detergent that is free of enzymes. We recommend Woolite® original fabric wash, as it works as well as anything else we've tried.

If you find yourself fighting a stubborn stain, try the following washing instructions courtesy of Libeco Home:

  • To remove ink-Soak the fabric in milk or a soap and ammonia mixture, then rub gently.
  • To remove blood- Rinse the fabric in cold water immediately.
  • To remove coffee, tea or chocolate-Rub the fabric with a mixture of alcohol, white vinegar and ammonia.
  • To remove candle wax- Break the dried wax and absorb the residue with a a paper towel and a warm iron.
  • To remove greasy stains-Rub the fabric with ammonia.
  • To remove red wine-Rub the fabric with sparkling water or white wine immediately.

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Image by: Linens by Didriks