Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Temporary walls provide the privacy and intimacy you desire while still celebrating the openness of a large room. An area of a great room with the simple drawing of a linen curtain can turn into a cozy reading nook or a peaceful yoga sanctuary. A more practical use of temporary linen walls can be to hide a messy space like a kid's play zone that is often strewn with toys or an office space that holds piles of papers.

Linen by Didriks has beautifully colored and textured fabrics that would make charming curtains. Our 100% Belgian Linen Napoli Vintage Fabric collection offers fifteen different swatches to naturally complement any style. A Didriks Linen curtain will look soft, organic and homey while also remaining functional. Machine washable, Didriks linens will also make it easy to maintain clean, fresh curtains.

Visit the Linen by Didriks store at 190 Concord Avenue in Cambridge, Massachusetts or browse our online store. You're sure to find a stunning fabric from our selection of Belgian Linens for curtains that will instantly create the perfect personalized living space.

Top photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy.