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This home designed by Kay Douglas and featured in House Beautiful exemplifies Belgian style.  We love how the home's color palette manages to be light, bright and airy but also warm at the same time.  The simplicity of the furniture arrangements and the mix of rustic and refined also caught our eye. 

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Tell me about the Belgian color palette, or maybe I should say the lack of one.

It's true that they don't use a lot of color. The focus is on the wonderful, fabulous things in the room. I used neutral linens — many are Belgian linens, which are coarser, more natural. And I used color only to set a mood, not as a statement. Like the way that zinc color in the dining room sets a romantic mood against the mirrors and candles, the room just glows. I like to keep the background simple — and that is so true to Belgian design.

Who's obsessed with slipcovers? You, the Hartmans, or the Belgians?

I use them because I think they add softness and comfort to a room, and slipcovers appeal to Americans' practical side — protection against spills. But in Europe they are usually just covering up Grandma's tattered old chair.

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