Photo via Linen by didriks Belgian linen is one of the most sought after luxury goods in the world. In addition to its innate beauty, it is also prized for its lasting durability, unrivaled comfort and unparalleled versatility. It’s really no surprise as the production of this remarkable product requires a multitude of steps, decades of experience and the utmost attention to detail.

Linen is manufactured from the fibers of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum). Unlike most other harvested plants, flax is uprooted rather than cut to preserve the integrity of the fibers. Next, the plants are spread out in fields and Mother Nature goes to work in a process known as “retting.” After some time, the seeds, core and pectin of the plant are mechanically removed leaving only the fibers.

Now, in two processes known as “scotching” and “hackling” the various fibers are stripped, combed and categorized with the very best fibers being reserved for the production of Belgian linen. The final steps involve spinning the fibers into thread and then weaving, bleaching and dying them into their final form.

The result of this painstaking and time-consuming work is a product of amazing strength, excellent durability and uncommon beauty. It is no wonder that demand for Belgian linens has steadily increased throughout the years and is now one of the most popular materials for luxury furnishings and clothing. Visit Linen By Didriks to view our selection of 100% Belgian linen products for you and your home.