The chill of old man Winter is in the air and to stay warm, treat yourself to luxurious linen wear. More than likely you may have thought of linen as a Spring or Summer fabric when in fact, it can be a wonderful material to use in the Winter and Fall months as well. High quality linen fabric is not only durable and comfortable for daily use, it's also extremely versatile.

You can wear linen at the office or while your relaxing and lounging at home, linen can be worn in almost any setting. Linens by didriks has a fabulous Outback linen Shawl that is perfect for wear with jeans or something more formal. The Outback Shawl is a long fringed/ tasseled available in three solid warm Earth shades: vacuna, brown and straw and two striped versions – large stripe and small stripe. Only improving with each wear, the Outback shawl is made of 100% linen fabric that is light and flowing.

How do you wear your linen?