Do Less, But Do it Better This Year

Linen Wear Pajamas

Linen Wear Pajamas Have you ever noticed that while technology was designed to help us do less, it has actually created a more hectic and frenzied lifestyle? What happened to the days of being able to leave the house in order to avoid incessant phone interruptions? Or talking to someone without worrying about the next thing on your list-of-things-to-do? Try making a New Year's commitment to focus on Quality over Quantity in all things - both material and non-material. Quality Over Quantity - Less is Truly More

Evaluate ways you can do less, and have less, by picking quality over quantity. This will create more space to do and feel better this year.

Savor. Take the time to truly savor your morning coffee, every meal, or the sights and sounds around you when you're taking your daily walk or run. Focus on your present moments and be grateful for everything you have and see around you.

Soft surroundings. Treat yourself to luxurious pajamas, linen clothing, high-quality bedding, and other textiles which are soothing and feel good against your skin. Treating yourself to comfortable physical surroundings will enhance your mental comfort as well.

Disconnect. Make an effort to disconnect with the technical - virtual - world, and re-connect with the real world. Spend time with family, friends, and yourself with the phone turned off. Remember what it was like to really focus on the people you are with.

While less phone time, linen clothing, and slowing down might not bring world peace, they will help you to be more at ease, focused, and able to live a richer life.