belgian-linen-tablecloth-use-chair (1)

If your family is anything like many other families out there, you've probably become the proud owner of a large collection of linen tablecloths that date all the way back to the 50's. If your cupboard is bursting with tablecloths that rarely see the light of day, think about putting those quality linens to good use with a little bit of creativity.

Do you have a tablecloth with a beautiful image like the one pictured above? Well, look at this interesting idea for a linen shirt. This is another way to keep the tablecloth in the family, especially if the next generation is more interested in vintage fashion than family recipes.

Aprons are like shoes - you can never have too many! So why not take a great linen tablecloth and turn it into a custom apron. This is a photo of our Amherst apron, but you don't have to follow our style. Push the limit--we're thinking patchwork aprons like the one below.

 This patchwork apron is a neat way to blend different memories and decades into one useful, chic accessory.

Look at the photo above, can you believe that's a tablecloth seat cover?! It's a fashionable and sensible option, especially for the little ones who tend to get more food on the chair than in their mouth. When the seat cover is a little stained, you can take it off wash it and reuse it repeatedly!

Have you done any DIY with old tablecloths or linens lately?

Images by: Linen by Didriks & Crooked Brains