The holiday time can be full of travel plans for you and your family. If you will be traveling soon, we have a few items available that can make your trip more enjoyable. The Libeco Home Linen Stellenbosch Tote is a new addition to the Libeco luggage line.  This linen bag is gentle to touch and durable enough for both short and long travels. The tote is made of a highly strong, sturdy linen canvas, and it also has been treated to resist water and dirt. To help enhance its top-quality look, the Stellenbosch tote is trimmed with beautiful leather. The bag is 100% pure Belgian Linen and is also available in flax.

Libeco Home Linen Stellenbosch Tote $302.00

If you are one who tends to be cold during travel, wrap a warm, cozy linen shawl around your shoulders. We suggest a  Libeco Home linen shawl or a Kate Linen Shawl by Libeco Home Belgian. All of the linen shawls available on linens by didriks are lightweight, which avoids the heavy, cumbersome feeling of a coat or jacket. They are also fashionable and versatile, sure not to clash with the outfit you are planning to wear. The look of the shawls are casual yet luxurious and are slightly rumpled to create the appearance of effortless unpressed linen. This is an accessory that can be worn with formal outfits or comfortable wear.

Linen Shawls Collection

Need other ideas for travel? Leave a comment below, and let us know.