egyptian linen loom Did you know the use of linen dates all the way back to ancient Egypt? For centuries, cultures have used linen to clothe their bodies, build sails and heal wounds. Through experimentation, ancient Egyptians were the first to weave, dye and spin linen. Interestingly enough, while linen was used for better living it was also used to bury the dead. This famous wrapping process was known as mummification.

To this day linen is still the fabric of choice when it comes to clothing, bedding and housewares because its durable and easy to clean. In the last post, we shared a short clip of a documentary called, Be Linen 2. Be Linen 2 shows us how innovators around the world are using linen to make life easier, better and best of all--greener! Be sure to watch the clip to learn how linen is being used in the automotive, fashion and water sport industries--we know you'll be amazed.

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Image by: Ancient Egypt Flax and Linen