The Proper Way to Iron or Press Your Wrinkled Linens

girl with long hair irons pink linen One of the magical things about linen is it manages to retain its elegance even when wrinkled. In fact, we see intentional wrinkling often, especially in the more rustic ambiance sought by those who like shabby chic or French country designs. However, there are times when you want your linen to have a crisp, pressed appearance. Here are some instructions on how to properly iron, or press, your wrinkled linens so they are as good as new.

  1. In order to practice, try using a small linen fabric, such as your Libeco Home linen napkins, before tackling the bigger projects, such as double-sided pillow shams and large table cloths!
  2. Lay your linen fabric on the ironing board and turn your iron to the "Linen" setting (high heat).
  3. Wet an old (clean!) t-shirt, or a thin bar cloth made from natural fibers, and wring it out so it's just damp. Only lay one layer on top of the linen.
  4. Iron on top of the t-shirt/towel material, and go ahead and use the steam function as well. Linen drys much faster than other natural fibers. Hang it up to dry and enjoy your wrinkle- and scorch-free linen.

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