At Didriks we love to do what we do. Not only do we share our love for Belgian linens, but we also share our love for blogging. That's why we were so honored to be chosen as a "Blogs We’re Following" by Libeco Lagage. These are blogs managed by stores in their Partners Program, and their blogs featured are by designers from around the world who demonstrate their creative use of linen. Read below the excerpt of what was written about us:

Today we’re looking at Didriks. Their store, located in Cambridge, MA carries much of our line from bedding to table top, but they do so much more. Didriks is a one-stop shop for ideas in the finest in bridal registries, outdoor and home furnishings, and entertaining. Everyone from bridal registrants to homemakers, to busy event/party hosts can find recommendations that assist and inspire. Didriks has a separate blog called “Dinner Series” that invites us to join an engaging dinner party from planning to dessert.

Libeco Home Bridgewater Pillow Cases

If you are looking to experience some of the beautiful Belgian Linens we offer, make sure to check out our blog at: