Light. Airy. Charming. Carefree. Flanders Collection

That's what you think of when summer comes across your mind, right? At Didriks, we help our customers adopt and infuse some of that summertime flavor into their homes. We have just a few tips to help you get started, and if you can think of anymore, but sure to jot us a note by leaving a comment below or joining the conversation on Facebook.

No. 1 Bring Summer into the Kitchen

Lots of summer memories are made in the kitchen. Linens napkins or tableclothes will do the trick to bring in the lighthearted feeling of summer.

No. 2 Keep It Light

Summertime colors are very light. They are bright. Choose linen curtains, bedding or kitchen settings that are light in color, not dark.

No. 3 Stay Cool

It's warm in the summer. To stay cool and comfortable, wear clothes made from linen, or sleep in linen wear.