Let's draw your attention to the acute details in the 100% Belgian linen accessories offered by Linens by Didriks. Both the Stellenbosch and Ontario collections of linen are for personal use and travel. Also Libeco Home 100% Belgian linen accessories have a clean look and simple design so to easily pair with attire for an upscale brunch meeting or a relaxed weekend with family and friends. True Blue Indigo Shawl

These Belgian linen accessories have a lovely color that transcends all styles: a light off-white flax color. Some beautiful travel pieces are trimmed with brown leather accents. Pops of color are simple to find with linens such as the True Blue Indigo Shawl or the Libeco Home Goya Shouldersac. Also included in personal and travel accessories are totes, such as the Stellenbosch Tote bag which glamorously coordinates very well with the Outback shawl. The Outback Shawl is a long fringed and tasseled piece made of a light, flowing 100% linen fabric, which improves the more you wear it. For linen accessories that suit your style, visit us at: belgian-linen.com.