As you prepare your spring cleaning checklist, one area of your home that you should be sure to include on your "to do" list is the linen closet. Over time, your clean white towels and fresh linens can become tossed around and cause your once tidy storage space to become disheveled. To make the most of the luxury of having a linen closet, Houzz shares some helpful tips on cleaning and organizing this essential space: organizing closet linen

  • Begin by removing all of the items from your linen closet and carefully storing them in a safe place. Then wipe down all of the drawers and shelving units with cleaning wipes.
  • Take an inventory of your linens for the home that have been stored in these spaces. If it's been a few weeks since you've washed those items, be sure to give them a good cleaning with a high quality detergent.
  • When organizing bedding sheets, determine which sheets go with which beds and how many sets of sheets will be associated with each bed.
  • Sort through your towels and discard any older, really worn towels that you may have found when cleaning out your linen closet. Return the clean towels to their shelves, organized and folded by size.
  • Consider investing in rollout drawers to prevent your linens from becoming lodged in the back of the closet.

linen closet sheets and towels

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