While the holidays are the perfect time to get something special for the people we love, it can become stressful when they are hard to nail down. What cologne does he wear again? Did I hear her say she loves to read? However, if you have a chef on your gift list, we have the perfect gift: a belgian linen apron. Belgian linen is the perfect material for kitchen aprons, it's comfortable, drapes well, and will hold up to repeat washings.

Libeco Home Bistro Apron

For the enthusiast. If your chef is, shall we say, "enthusiastic" with the stirring spoon and spatula, the Home Bistro Apron is the perfect match. Full frontal coverage and wide base means stains don't have a chance.


Libeco Home Cafe Apron

For the Extraordinaire. If your chef has worked long in the gourmet world, stains are a sign of an uncouth professional in his/her eyes. This Cafe Apron may be more to their liking.

Libeco Home Brisbane Apron

The Comfortable Chef. The laid-back chef will love this roomy comfortable take on a bistro apron. The Brisbane is a beautifully washed half-apron cut.

Libeco Home Amherst Apron

Simple &Sweet. The Amherst apron is perfect for the simply sweet chef in your life. It will probably earn you your favorite baked dessert as a treat.


libeco home Harbour Apron

Outdoor Griller. The Harbour apron is the most durable linen apron out there. It can stand up to rubs, sauces, and a hot smokey grill.

If you've ever watched a chef in action, you realized no scrap of fabric is safe. You'll please both the chef... and the one responsible for the laundry!