verotowelIt’s time for some spring cleaning. Why not start with the most lived in room in the house - the kitchen?  Take some quality time to clean out cupboards, weed out the Tupperware and thoroughly wipe down the appliances and cabinets.  Your whole home will feel fresher. While you’re at it throw out all your tired and dingy kitchen linens and replace them with beautiful linen towels from Libeco Home.  These towels have a beautiful European country look and come in a variety of solids, stripes and grid patterns.  A range of color options make it easy to coordinate beautifully with your kitchen.  The soft linen fabric is perfect for drying glasses without a trace of lint.  Also, linen’s superior absorbency allows it to hold more water than other fabrics before feeling damp.  Visit our website to see the full line of Libeco linens for the home.

 Do you plan on doing a bit of spring cleaning this year?  What do you think of these towels?  Post a comment and let us know.