Clean Wine Glasses Like a Pro with Kitchen Linens

linen kitchen Towels

There is nothing more embarrassing than offering a guest a glass of wine complete with water spots and lint...but the glassware looked so clean when you put it away, right? Never fear. Here are some tips from the pros on how to clean your wine glasses and crystal stemware with nary a spot - or lint fleck - in sight. 3 Steps for Crystal Clear Glassware

More hot water, less detergent. First, never wash crystal stemware in a dishwasher. If you choose to wash your glassware in the dishwasher, use the hottest water option, minimal detergent, and don't use the rinsing aid. Sponge on a stick. When washing by hand, use one drop of mild detergent and very hot water. Hold the wine glasses by the bowl, rather then the stem, to prevent breakage. Leave the sponge in place (the sponges with a long arm work best), and gently move the glass around to wash the interior, exterior, stem, and base.

linen kitchen Towels

Lint-free linen. Linens for the home are the perfect drying medium because they are soft and lint-free. Use a linen kitchen towel to gently wipe the glass inside and out and let the glass continue to dry right-side up, rather than upside down.

Before your next dinner party, use linen kitchen towels to wipe your wine glasses and remove any dust or debris which has settled between uses. Setting your table with linens for the home can minimize your glassware's exposure to lint. Now you can offer guests sparkling clean glasses of wine every time.