If you've recently invested in beautiful Belgian linen then you're probably wanting to display it in an attractive way.  After all, high quality linen that has visual appeal, as well as functionality should be seen as an accent to your kitchen.   With this in mind I scoured the internet, looking for several inspiring ideas of how to display linen towels. linen on ladder

This was one of the first images I came across that really jumped out at me.  It's a unique way to incorporate a rustic ladder into your kitchen design.  Plus I love how you can quickly grab a kitchen towel, without digging through drawers.  I definitely think this would fit any home that has a vintage style.  If this inspires you, try using the Lafayette towels by Libeco.  They have a clean, modern pattern.

linen rack

Many of us may not have an antique stove in their kitchen but I like how they have the linen tea towels displayed instead of pots.  I think the Parma towels would add vibrant color to any kitchen.  Since they are offered in a wide array of colors, you can change it up based on the season.

modern kitchen towels

Even though many of us already hang our linen towels on the nearest hook or rack, I like how the colors of the towels make a statement in this neutral kitchen.   It's inspiring to think about mixing different textures and colors in the kitchen, allowing the linen to be a focal point.  If this inspires you, try showcasing the Cornelia towels from Libeco linen.

stacked linen

Course if you prefer to keep your kitchen in a minimalist style, then stack then on a counter or shelf.  They still make a statement and keep them accessible too.  If you do prefer a clean, sleek style then opt for the Pino linen with neutral tones and classic look.   Once you decide how to display your Belgian kitchen linen, stop by Didriks in Cambridge for the complete Libeco Linen collections.