You read before on this blog how linens can be used to create many things: bedroom sheets, clothes, tablecloths. And we want to bring to your attention the many options offered by Didriks for the linen apron. The tablecloth and towels surelyaren't the only linen items in the kitchen. We offer so many options for men, women and even lobster bibs (which is one our personal faves.) Take a look at a few that we've placed below. Plus there are a lot more aprons offered than just what you see on your screen. Go go to to see our entire online collection, or if you have time join us at our store in Cambridge. We'd love you to stop by. Didriks 190 Concord Ave Cambridge, MA 02138 Tel. 617-354-5700


Libeco Home Cafe Apron $79.00

Libeco Home Bistro Apron $87.00- $98.00

Libeco Linen Homard Lobster Bib

Photos via belgian-linen