It's about that time of year when it is beginning to seem as if winter will never end. Those warm, sunny days of summer seem like a very distant dream, never to come again. Luckily, the folks at Libeco do remember summer, and are bringing it to you! Libeco-Lisbon-TableCloth-400

The Libeco Home summer collection is sure to bring back those summer memories! From the tans, blues and greens of the beach, to the reds and yellows of a flower garden in full bloom, the linens in this collection can be combined endlessly with any theme in your home. Wouldn't it feel wonderful to spruce up the pillows on your furniture with some warm, bright summer tones? The new Feminello

Limoncello theme showcases beautiful, uplifting yellows and pinks that are sure to make your home decor pop and help that summery feeling come back. The muted pinks and grays of the Teasing Georgia theme will blend well with much of your decor. It would be so cozy to cuddle up with a soft, beautiful throw blanket on your hammock on a cool summer evening. Add a luxurious linen throw rug under your feet in the bold blues of the Surfing Mavericks theme and it will seem as if you are enjoying your very own private getaway.

We may be in the coldest days of winter right now, but it doesn't have to feel that way. Let the new Libeco Home summer collection help to brighten up your home!