Soften the Divide with Linen Curtains

The open floor plan concept is wonderful most of the time. But, there are instances when you may prefer a bit more privacy or camouflage. Linen curtains are a simple and attractive option for softening the divide between two spaces. Here are some examples:

linen curtain room divider

The extra room. Do you have an extra room that opens up to your main living space? It may serve as an overflow area for socializing, or a morning coffee nook. Hanging a curtain above the opening allows the space to be closed when you want a little privacy. This can be especially beneficial in an open loft or studio so guests can feel as if they have their own room. If your ceilings are low, hang your curtain rod close to the ceiling line and it will make the room appear taller.


linen curtain divider for office area

Hide-a-space. As the population of mobile professionals continues to grow, so does the need for home office space. Sometimes, it isn't practical to use an extra room. Instead, you can use low-profile furniture and create your own home office on a wall of your living room. Simply curtain it off when it's not in use so you don't have to stare at blank computer screens, and potential (gasp!) clutter, in your off-hours. Linen curtains can also be used to hide a craft or hobby work space.

Best of all, linen curtains can be washed, dyed, or re-purposed as your design preferences change. Use fabric from Linens by Didriks to make custom-sized curtains for your living space.