Simple, Sweet Sheer Casper Drapes by Libeco Home

Sheer linens and soft tones aren't traditionally what Libeco Home is known for, but with their recently released Casper Collection, that's what you'll find.  Sheer window curtains brighten up your space, making it feel private yet airy, and full of gently filtered light. The linen is woven with tinted threads that highlight it's impressive structure. To most, linen is regarded as a material that is heavier in weight and color, not something that is sheer and soft. This is a wonderfully unique addition to an already expansive line of Belgian Linens.

The Casper Sheer Linen collection comes in two styles - the Pole Pocket (first photo) and the Tie Top (second photo), and you can pick from three pleasing neutrals, including Grey Sand (pictured), White Sand, and White. Whatever your style preference or current color scheme, these curtain panels are sure to give your room the touch of elegance you've been looking for.

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