Mixing Simple Linens with more ornate Chinoiserie

Linens can practically blend in with all materials, designs and styles. Even artistic styles that are very ornate like Chinoiserie would work wonderful in a room with beautiful linens. If you are not quite sure what Chinoiserie design is, it is a French term for the "Chinese-esque" influenced artistic designs that were made in Europe during the seventeenth century. These Chinoiserie designs have "fanciful imagery of an imaginary China". The mixture of Western and European styles elements add so much life and interest to an otherwise bare and lifeless space.

Mixing your linens with such an artistic design softens the room, so it complements Chinoiserie decor very nicely. When you are decorating a room using such an ornate design, you want to add materials and other decor pieces that are nice and soft to not make the ornate design such an over bearing presence.

Have you ever considered mixing your linens with more ornate Chinoiserie?