One of the many benefits of Belgian linen is that it is timeless and can be incorporated into any interior design motif. However, it lends itself particularly well to vintage home interiors. Prior to the rise of synthetic fabric, natural fibers were all homemakers had to work with, which is part of the reason why linen has such a nostalgic look and feel. Here are ideas for incorporating Belgian linens into your vintage home interior.


Antique nesting box

Nesting box shelving. Antique nesting boxes can be found in vintage and antique shops, as well as farm auctions. They make a unique shelving option and linen tea towels are the perfect finishing touch. Whether you choose to use them in a kitchen, or to store linens for the bath, they will add a vintage flair to any space.

vintage linen upholstery furniture

Vintage living room. Linen is a very versatile fabric, due to its durability, luxurious texture, and easy maintenance. You can make linen the focal point of your living room by using linen upholstery, window dressings, and pillow covers. It's best to use a set of linen swatch cards or books so you can see the fabric in your space.

Libeco Home Vence Linen Tablecloth

Dining room accents. Linen has long been used for table dressings and place settings. White linen pieces are the perfect choice for a spring and summer table, and pair well with fresh cut flowers and elegant china.

If you're in the process of redecorating your home, Linens by Didriks online has a wide variety of Belgian linen accessories to complete your look.