libeco cambridge rugs

Libeco Cambridge linen-rugLayering rugs is as beneficial as it is attractive. It can be used to double up the padding on a hard surface floor. You can also use the bottom rug in the same way you use a mat in a picture frame, to highlight the feature rug and accentuate a particular color. Here are ideas for layering linen rugs in your home. Double up the cushioning. In a carpeted home, the carpet pad serves as the extra insulation and padding between the carpet and the hard surface below. You can produce the same effect for a tile, stained concrete, or hardwood floor by using more than one rug. This is especially beneficial in a living room space where family members tend to sprawl out on the floor for games or movie nights.

Highlight a patterned rug. A neutrally colored rug can provide a backdrop to highlight a rug with an artistic pattern. It also helps to anchor a narrow runner, or a favorite rug that might be lost in a larger space.

Whisk the stains away. If you have kids or pets, rug layering is significantly easier than replacing wall-to-wall carpet. Having interchangeable rugs allows you to keep a back up or two rolled up. This system is ideal for the dining area and kids' bedrooms. Spills and accidents can be sent to the cleaners while a new rug is rolled into place.

At Linens by didriks, Cambridge linen rugs are available in multiple sizes and can be used alone, or mixed and matched with others.