Summertime is just around the corner! You’re probably thinking about changing up the décor in your home in the spirit of the season. Linen is a great material to incorporate into your summer home décor. Courtesy of Country Living, here are a few excellent tips on how you can incorporate linen into your home décor this summer. •    In your bathroom, you can use linen to create pouches to hold French soaps and bath salts. Place the pouches inside a bowl for a lovely decorative bathroom fixture.

•    Incorporate vintage linen into your décor, along with new linen pieces. For instance, in your dining room, a vintage linen tablecloth and vintage linen napkins will pair beautifully with new linen napkins.

•    If you have any vintage linen napkins or tea towels that are stained or torn, you can recycle and reuse them by turning them into unique accent pillows that will look beautiful on a window seat or a sofa.

Image courtesy of Country Living

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