Have you ever thought about how elegant and functional a Swedish country home can feel?  I hadn't really given it much thought until I was perusing various interior design blogs and publications.  I wanted a look that resembled the relaxed yet classic feel of a Nantucket beach home but with a European flair.  That's when I discovered several beautiful examples of a modern, Swedish country home. Swedish country living

They incorporate Belgian linen beautifully into their design; giving sofas and chairs comfortable slipcovers.  The light, airy feel of the room can fit perfectly into many historic Boston homes.  Plus with all the throw pillows you could easily incorporate other neutral tones from the wide selection of Libeco linen fabric.

living room

Belgian linen curtains would enhance a room such as this one; accenting large windows with durable fabric.  Plus I love how linen has a gentle, 'blowing in the wind' feel even if they're simply being looked at as window treatments.  To me, linen adds an ethereal feel to any room.

swedish kitchen

Of course what is a Swedish kitchen design without beautiful linen towels gentle hanging from the sink or rack.  After all, Swedish cooks know linen will absorb moisture, gently dry your hands and dishes while leaving them streak free.  Plus, Belgian linen will become softer with each use, providing you years of culinary use.

kitchen sink decor

I love the look of traditional, classic linen towels with a vintage kitchen.  It has an earthy feel that's modern and functional.  If you are interested in adding Belgian linen into your home decor, visit Linen by Didriks.