The heritage of linen is both humble and grand. Linen today is in every part of the home, from the comfortable and cozy living room to the relaxing and soothing bathroom, linen has its place in every room. Decorating your home with linen creates naturally beautiful and elegant spaces that have the cozy and comforting touch of a few towels here and there, or a duvet cover with plush pillows to match. Here are two ideas for decorating with linen in different areas of the home from Country Living:

Linen is classic and timeless. Plus, it only gets softer and more lustrous as it ages, which makes it a perfect choice for the living room.

If you have a sitting room area, decorate your chaise with a few linen pieces like pillows and sheets.

There is nothing more comfortable than lying your head down on pure linen covered pillows and cuddling up in a linen duvet cover. If you are looking for a few linen pieces to accentuate your home decor, visit linens by didriks.