At one time canopy beds were used by nobility for extra warmth and privacy.  However after the 16th century more people incorporated them into their home.  These days canopy draping and curtains are a beautiful way to accent your bed frame or create an interesting room divider in a loft. linen bed curtains

With the use of durable Belgian linen you can incorporate this luxurious trend into your home effortlessly.  The neutral tones of Libeco linen can accent any room in your home perfectly.

room curtan divide

Both of these bedrooms showcase how using classic Belgian linen fabric to create room dividers can create a serene atmosphere.   However if you prefer to create a private space just around the bed, you can hang the fabric from ceiling rods.

hanging bed drapes

This is a gorgeous way to have the curtains hang at the corners of your bed without a traditional canopy.  This creates height in your room, without breaking up the visual space.  I love how this bedroom retains the light and beauty while accenting the bed itself.

curtain room divider

Using linen fabric as moveable walls is a popular trend in modern lofts.  You can use it to hide a space or simply give elegant room divide without heavy, bulky screens.  You'll find an urban apartment is ideal for these room dividers or try using them in a child's room.  It can spark imagination of a castle or divide the play area during nap time.  To select your Belgian fabric visit our main store Didriks in Cambridge or view the wide selection of Libeco fabric at Linen by Didriks.