I hope everyone is enjoy the summer and having a chance to escape to the beach, where plenty of decorating ideas await.  I know I've been collecting inspiring ideas from various publications but also from a favorite blog, Cote de Texas.  Linda does a gorgeous job showcasing homes that have a luxurious Belgian and French style.  Recently she shared several inspiring ideas from a recently remodeled Nantucket cottage.  Several of the images jumped out at me, for the use of linen slipcovers. nantucket cottage living

Using linen fabric slipcovers is great for summertime use.  It stays cool and is a durable fabric that can hold up for years of use.  Linen slipcovers, such as the chair shown above, are a great addition to any living room.  They allow you to have versatility with each season, they store in the linen closet and will become softer with each passing season.  Consider the Corsica Fabric Collection at Linens by Didriks in Cambridge.

linen covered stools

If you enjoy having stools at the kitchen breakfast bar, then you'll enjoy these inspiring slipcovers.  I love how easily they change out or can be removed for cleaning.  I would love to have stools slip covered in the Hotelin Fabric Collection because of it's vibrant yellow; sure to brighten any beach style kitchen.

throw pillows

To recreate this relaxing yet rustic seaside table, add some linen covered throw pillows into your space.  Whether you have a bedroom sitting area or space in the kitchen, they'll work perfectly.  Since linen is a fabric that holds up well over the years, you can rest assured they'll handle high traffic areas.  Plus if you make them removable, you can keep them clean and seasonal.  The Polylin Collection comes in a wide array of colors, letting you add vibrant or neutral tones to the room.  Visit the full Libeco linen collection at Linens by Didriks.