It's probably been a few years since you learned your A-B-C's, but Libeco Home is bringing them back --- linen-style. At you'll find a charming set of table linens called Flax ABC by Libeco Home of Belgium. These unique pieces are made of an Eco Flax 100 percent linen. They feature wonderful detail and precise hand cross-stitching. Each one comes in your choice of either red or white. The A-B-C's are stitched onto the napkins, and come in a set of six. The set includes two napkins with the letter "A", two napkins with the letter "B", and two napkins with the letter "C". We've included pictures of some the designs below, but there are plenty more available. You can see the entire collection on Libeco Home Flax ABC Linen Napkin Set $128.00


Flax ABC Table Linens by Libeco Home of Belgium

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