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Be Linen Movie 2 is a documentary that takes linen lovers on an amazing journey through the use of flax fibers in various industries. Many people love Belgian linen because it's a natural and hypoallergenic, but it's value doesn't stop there. In this short documentary you can see how linen fiber is used in the automotive, water sport, furniture, fashion industries and more!  Be Linen Part 2 (with subtitles 11 min 20 sec)


Be Linen 2 is the second phase of Be Linen. Part 1 was awarded in 2011 and downloaded over 2,000,000 times by viewers like you. If you truly love Belgian linen you'll love this inside look into the endless value and use of pure linen. If you didn't know it, linen is at the forefront of innovation.

Please support this great film and spread the word--it ultimately shares the love.

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Image by: Apartment Therapy

Video by: Be Linen 2 Movie