So often we look to new furniture purchases in order to replace damaged goods or to update our interior design. However, reupholstering is a design-wise method to repair and/or update your furniture aesthetic. Linen fabrics are a perfect medium for reupholstering projects - they are natural, durable, and honor eco-conscious design trends. Reupholster Furniture with Linen Fabric to:

Milano Linen Fabric

Perhaps the skeleton of your furniture is perfect but other wear-and-tear has taken it's toll on the stuffing and/or surface materials. You can refill your cushions with high-quality filler materials and then re-cover the surface using the fabric of your choice.

Preserve Antiques

Every home benefits from the unique design accents provided by antiques. They have a story to tell and - in many cases - that story is the history of your family. Rather than storing or disposing of an old and worn antique chair, ottoman, or sofa, you can have the piece restored, refinished, and reupholstered to give it new life.

Choose Your Fabric

Love the piece but hate the fabric? Reupholstering gives you a chance to select the perfect linen fabric to match your color and design scheme. There are multiple styles of linen fabrics to choose from, allowing you to update a vintage piece or alter a contemporary design using the exact look and color(s) you want.

Linen fabrics come in a variety of weave, hem, and stitching styles and can be purchased by the yard. Whether your project is small or large, you can order the perfect amount of material and reupholster your "re-newed" furniture.

Do you have a favorite chair or a comfy sofa that could use a brand new look and feel with linen upholstery?