Libeco Linen Fabrics Linen has been recognized around the world as one of the best fabrics known to man for its versatility, durability and most importantly, for its comfort. While largely considered a fabric for use in the apparel industry, the use of linen upholstery as a fabric covering also has some decided benefits. In fact, linen upholstery brings all of the benefits mentioned above as well as these three that most people overlook:

Ease of Cleaning

Linen upholstery is flexible and the fibers of the material expand and contract during use. When not in use, the fabric on a linen covered couch or chair is tightly contracted and will not collect dust. For these reasons, linen is one of the safest and easiest to clean fabrics around.

Excellent Hygiene

Consisting of only natural fibers, linen is inherently hypoallergenic. In addition, linen has a very tight weave that does not trap pollen, dead skin cells or any other detritus. It's perfect for anyone with significant allergies.


Linen by the yard for upholstery is available in a variety of patterns and styles. With it, home decorators can incorporate the essence of linen in every room of the home they're designing. Linen is also an excellent choice for bedding, bathroom sets and window treatments

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