White Linen

Linen is a luxurious fabric that can be used in many rooms inside your home. It's a beautiful fabric to use in your home decor, and it's also a fabric that's commonly found in the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. But have you thought about incorporating linen into your bedroom decor? Courtesy of LinenMe, here are several advantages to purchasing linen bedding for your bedroom.

  • Linen bedding is recommended for children and people with skin diseases because it is considered anti-allergic, due to a number of its capabilities, including bacteria resistance, ability to absorb moisture, and unique filtering.
  • Linen is considered a breathable fabric because it has high heat conductivity and air permeability properties. That means that linen bedding keeps you warm in the wintertime and cools you off in the summertime.
  • Due to its distinguished, extremely soft texture, line becomes softer and shiner after each washing. So overtime, your linen bedding will become even softer and more luxurious. Linen is also highly durable (two times more durable than cotton) and will last for decades.

Image courtesy of pmorgan via Flickr