belgian-linen-pajama-didriks We know most people ditch linen pajamas for wool pajamas--but that's not our style. Why sweat and scratch the night away when you can relax in hypoallergenic linen sleepwear? Libeco Home pajamas are just as fashionable as they are comfortable. The key to enjoying a good night's sleep on a chilly night is the right bedding and right attire. During the winter months, we trade our lighter linen bedding for heavier linen options like the Bertie and Georgetown collections.

Another plus to waking up to linen sleepwear are the accessories! Our favorite piece is the Libeco Home Charlie Bathrobe for women. This robe is light grey with a faint pinstripe. It also features a tie at the waist and very deep pockets on each side. Best of all, now you and the hubby can have matching sets! Just choose Charlie for women or Henry for men. The point of it all is you have options. We choose the comfort of Belgian linen.


Image by: Didriks-Belgian Linen